Monday, 24 June 2013

AMOLED Antiburn released

Release of this new app was important to me. My primary phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 and after 2 years worth of use, the AMOLED display begins to show noticeable burn-in of the Status Bar on top. It is black most of the time and now, whenever I play a video or game full screen, this area's colours look a little different from the rest of the display. They are brighter and less accurate. The device was shipped with Gingerbread, then received an update to Ice Cream Sandwich and then Jelly Bean 4.1 but at no point has Samsung put thought into changing the Status Bar from plain black to anything else. This is where AMOLED Antiburn comes in.

This app's main feature is to explicitly flash the Status Bar in the colours Red, Green, Blue and White automatically to get rid of display burn-ins. I have used it extensively during the development and testing stages and can already see improvement for my display. It comes preloaded with settings for all common phones, so you don't have to know the height of your status bar in pixels. It does not require root. To better identify burn-ins and also dead pixels, a screen test is included.

You can also use the app to flash the colours on the entire screen, in case you have other burn-ins, for instance from your navigation software, car dashboard or anything else you have displayed for prolonged periods of time.

Rainbow mode is a bonus to display a smooth colour transition on your Status Bar or full screen.

Initially, we wanted to release the app right after the end of Season 7 of Psych, but the weekly updates for the Psych apps didn't leave enough room for development. An important feature of this app is the new NavigationDrawer, a navigation feature released by Google last month. This app was a platform to extensively test it on, before it will make its way into the Psych Soundboard, where it will replace the ugly current main menu and make the sections of the app less isolated from one another.

The app is available now on the Play Store with the link below.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Privacy Policy for Chef_Tony apps

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At this point we do not use Google Analytics or other tools to monitor user behaviour in our apps.

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